Our 21st Century problems need to be solved with the help of ecological enonomics

As we recover from the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the economy, we might do well to consider restructuring some of our economic principles. As we focus on sustainable development, how do we measure the growth…

Wondering why such a moot headline?

Well that’s how controversial and misunderstood feminism is and has been. Highly misinterpreted, the concept of feminism has not been understood by everyone. That’s why we talk so much about it and will continue to express through different peaceful forms.

This blog will throw…

This is a book for everyone!

I read a very interesting Japanese bestseller last year, titled ‘Ikigai’, penned by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles. The title translates to a Japanese concept that means, ‘A reason for being’. The concept of ‘Ikigai’ is like a formula or a pathway to finding a purpose in life, thereby attaining…

Home is where your story begins…

Nothing like home


Everyone: Enge irundhu vareenga? Veedu enge? (Where’s your house?)

Me: Mudichur

Everyone: Mudichur ah? Adhu enge iruku? Vera ooro? (Where is it? Is it a different village?)

And that is pretty much how every conversation has started off; with me trying to explain…


Post Lockdown Changes and how to deal with them

Picture by @cottonbro on pexels.com

The effect of lockdown has been different on different lives. Migrant workers are braving the hottest summer, floundering on the highways trying to get to their hometown before starving to death. Farmers are locking horns with the debts, restrictions and weather…

Let’s begin to mourn

For the future, as

Our earth is dying

A slow death

As we watch

— — —

For the human babies

Because, the time of

Repair or repent

Is gone.

— — —

For our children

Who will not know

Changing seasons

Of the year



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